The Utility of Animations

Animated ads

The Case for Animated Ads

Brands rely on display ads to break through the noise and make customers aware of their products and service. It’s proven that high-quality creative ads stand out, and animations are a practical way to do that. However, many graphic designers lack the technical tools to create compelling animations. Static design with text and imagery isn’t work as it used to, so you’ll need a designer who knows how and can work with animations.

Static Ads and Photoshop

In most cases, designers create with Photoshop to make static graphics. The result is an ad with cramped text and images– ultimately resulting in an overcrowded display ad or a display ad that is too vague. The beauty of animations is their ability to get a lot of messaging into a single ad unit without destroying the user’s ability to retain the info. In addition, you effectively create more advertising space by having elements move in and out of the ad.

Using Animations to Improve Messaging

When you use a DCO (dynamic creative optimization) platform to support your design process, you can take advantage of animations and localization or any elements that make sense based on your campaign goals. As you consider how to rework your design methodology, keep these ad tenants at the forefront as you implement the design.

Grab attention:

Motion attracts attention. As you scroll a crowded web page of content, something moving will cause the user to stop. The main job of any creative execution is to get the user’s attention, and animations do that exceptionally well. It’s wired deep into the human brain to notice things moving in the line of sight.

Create More Space:

Animations give you more “frames” for content. Ad units can be a designer’s challenge when balancing all the business requirements for a product, a sale or promotion, a benefit statement, a CTA, and any disclaimers. Frames allow for more copies in the same amount of space. Increase information value and decrease the clutter making it a win/win.

Use Transitions to create Modularity:

Animations help with modular design, meaning you can swap different variables for each element. This enables effective A/B testing and modifications post-launch.

Advertising is about Attention

Animations create a movement that draws the consumer’s attention to an ad. Customers are exposed to over 10,000 ads daily; to be memorable, an ad must be remarkable and helpful. With creativity, relevant information, and more information (without the clutter), ads have a better shot of being remembered. Implementing animations into ads means increased ROI.

Aren’t Advertisement Animations Expensive?

In the past, finding someone with the skill set to create animated ads and deliver them was often cost-prohibitive (or knowledge prohibitive). But in 2022, DCO platforms will make paying for animated ads affordable. With a design template and Google Sheets, advertisers can create lively campaigns to boost ROI – this is called programmatic advertising. Software tools are putting the power back in advertisers’ hands by opening bottlenecks and empowering smaller companies to get their message out in a relevant manner.

Incorporating Animations into Your Ad Unit

Animations are the proven way to improve your design process. Use programmatically animated ads from a Google Sheet to deliver highly relevant data. What will you need?

  • Data
  • Select Variables (Weather, Locale, Schedule, Holidays, Sales, Discounts, Etc.)
  • Ad Template
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Platform

Clorox Case Study

Advanse, a leading DCO platform, worked with Clorox to build an animated ad that both:

  1. An educated consumer on the product
  2. Informed consumers where to get the product
  3. Not cluttered and localized

Animated ads

Key Business Takeaways:

Animated ads improve ROI by adding more “real estate” (frames) to ad units while using motion to get more attention. Previously, these ads were reserved for big-budget agencies with specialized talents. But, DCO platforms use programmatic ad delivery to create a highly personalized and relevant experience. Turn one ad template into 1000s of animated ads to attract high-converting customers.

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